Fail to (be closer to) perfection

I came across this quote at a customer where I was for a demo. I liked it instantly:


Fail better. How does one fail better. Doesn’t that make things worse? But then it came to mind that we (should) learn from our failures. To fail better, is to learn better.

I failed, I failed a couple of driving exams, I learned, I got better. I failed better.
I failed, I crashed a live system at a customer, I learned, I changed my working procedures, I failed better.
I’m probably failing right now, for not mentioning my other failures here, I’ll fail better next time 🙂

Now on perfection, everybody wants to be perfect. Whether you see perfection as a divine perfection (Christians do believe man was made after God’s image), or being flawless at your job or raising your children. The best way to perfection is admitting you are not. Personally I believe that when you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough. You are working a level to low, call it lazy if you like. If you’re not failing, you’re not learning, you’re actually not getting closer to perfection.

Let’s fail!